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Shaune Clarke

Shaune ClarkeShaune Clarke has to be one of the most exciting speakers on the circuit today. He is an ex-talk-show host, and he uses his talents to great effect when presenting to a live audience.

Know Your Customer

‘Know Your Customer’ is one of Shaune Clarke’s catch cries. Dynamic Leverage is another. The difference between normal leverage and dynamic leverage seems to be rapport and synergy. Shaune defines it as getting more done with less effort and the best possible result. His presentation focuses on creating simple to do Joint Ventures with website owners with untapped potential. By asking for half of the unexpected revenue for the Joint Venture target you are able to make massive profits easily according to Shaune.

Joint Venture

Shaune is also a copywriter and besides his technique for Joint Venturing he is selling a copy writing course. When I spoke with him at the event he seemed like a really nice guy and even compared himself to Shakespeare. We all know that Shakespeare had a talent that has reverberated throughout the ages and that he didn’t try to re-invent the wheel. There’s a lesson in that in my humble opinion.

Rhythym & Cadence

One of the take away learnings from Shaune’s presentation for me was the use of rhythm and cadence in copy. He says that once you’ve written anything you need to take a step back and read it out loud. Just doing this one simple act will improve your copy out of site. Another gem in Shaune Clarke’s presentation was the idea that he learnt from Jay Abraham – concept over copy. I take this to mean that it isn’t so much what you say as how you say it.

The Seven Part Email Series

Shaune also suggests using to research sites for untapped potential and using empathy in your copy. A seven part email series that he has tested over years also forms a part of his coaching program. The basic sequence is this:

  1. Two to Four page report
  2. Half page story
  3. Four Paragraph Testimonial
  4. Two to Four Page Case Study
  5. Four – Six Paragraph Dynamic Content
  6. Four-Six Paragraph Dynamic Content
  7. Subject: “What’s wrong? Frankly I’m shocked…” Four – Six Paragraph last ditch effort to convert

And that’s it!

Site Strategy

His site strategy is to have three Experts interviewed on a particular niche and displayed on the homepage with an opt-in with photos of the experts and build a list of email addresses to send the email series above.  Obviously the email series above needs to contain links to the order page which should, according to popular Internet Marketers, contain a long sales letter with 9-12 order buttons.

Emotional Levels

Shaune Clarke’s Seven Emotional Levels when interviewing experts for the site strategy above:

  1. Just ended
  2. Watching the clock
  3. Barely there – short answers
  4. Interested
  5. More energy – Talkative
  6. Emotional – Connected – Dumping
  7. Rare to Accomplish

The basic idea of the interview is to get the expert to feel comfortable and to build a rapport with them.  Once they’ve calmed down a bit and gotten over the initial nervousness then they can be questioned on the niche topic and will give you the surface level stuff they tell every interviewer.  If you’re able to create enough rapport by listening intently and showing interest you should be able to get them to reveal some deeper stuff after the surface level stuff has come out by asking the right question at the right time, in the right tone, then shutting up and listening.  Once you’ve got them through that hurdle Shaune recommends that you remain silent as they’ll then search deeper and come up with the real gold, which is something that they’ve come up with on the fly, is unrehearsed, and is the goal of the intimate interview as revealed according to Shaune Clarke.

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